Dedication Takes Sacrifice

If you are to dedicate yourself to any one thing you must be ready to sacrifice something else. This is true for all aspects of life, professional and personal. If you want to pick up painting, your time at the gym may need to go down. If you want to focus on mentoring a young employee, the time spend on the other employees will be sacrificed. If you want to dedicate yourself to your career, you must be ready to sacrifice some personal time.

This is where it is imperative to know your own motivation and it is crucial for you to know where your priorities lie. How important is your team to you? Are you willing to take a call in the middle of the night to help them solve a problem? Are you willing to sacrifice valuable time you could be spending with your family to ensure they are successful? There is no correct answer, but it is important for you to know before you embark on the journey of servant leadership.

Time is one of our most valuable and scarce resources. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your team? The best leaders know that they need to give a lot of time and energy to their team, with the goal of empowering them and giving them the tools to be successful on their own, but it is not realistic to empower your team without giving them plenty of time in the front end.

I want you to think about what you are willing to sacrifice for your team. Are you willing to mentor them for hours every day? Are you willing to spend the extra hours at work to ensure they have everything they need? The best leaders in the world need to sacrifice for the people they lead. Growing leaders need to sacrifice even more if they want great results.

2 thoughts on “Dedication Takes Sacrifice

  1. I agree with you! Time is the most valuable resource we have, and I think the more we age the more we understand that concept. If only I had understood this when I was younger, I would not have wasted energy on wasted worries and anxieties. Great post Justin, thank you!

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    1. Thank you for the comment. If we only knew 10 years ago what we know now… I wonder what we are doing now that our future selves will look down on.


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