Know Your Toolbox

From your experience and practice, you have a variety of tools that you use every day. For some of you, it is your financial acumen, for others, it is strategic thinking, and for others, it is skill with a physical tool i.e., extreme precision with a circular saw. These are just a few examples of an infinite list.

Do you know what tools you have in your toolbox? Think about why people come to you for help. When do your peers seek your assistance? It is worth studying what tools you have available, and it is worth the time to refine these tools to an even higher degree. Know what knowledge, experience, and skills you have available.

Share your tools, when your peer needs help with something you are great at, show them a tip or two and if they show interest, explain how you got great at that skill. This goes back to a basic kindergarten lesson about sharing. Openly sharing can be a time consuming, seemingly selfless act with no obvious or immediate payoff of your time. Hopefully, the simple act of helping someone will be payoff enough, but if you need more, I can guarantee that this practice will pay off in the long run. Most people will want to share their tools if they know you are willing to share yours.

Take a look at your toolbox, and sometime in the next few days, find someone that can benefit from adding that tool to their toolbox and share it with them.

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