Surround Yourself With Generous People

 If you are taking the path to becoming a stronger leader, you already know that success takes teamwork. You will have all the different types of people around you every day. Some of them will require you to be the best you to build them up, others will build you up through their knowledge and personalities, and others will share a mutual desire to build each other up. All of these personalities are beneficial towards your development, but I want to focus on the people that share a mutual desire to build each other up.

Every day, I see people that I admire, whether it is through skillset and experiences or through personality and charisma. One trait that I admire most about these people is their generosity with their time and knowledge. These are the people I like to surround myself with. If you are surrounded by these types of people, it is important to be one of them. You need to be generous with your time and your skills. When they need help, they should not have to ask twice. These are the people that you want on your team.

It is important to build that coalition of like-minded leaders and professionals, but you can’t do that by only asking them for help, you need to go out of your way to help them. If you see them facing a challenge, see if you can assist. If their challenge is in your wheelhouse, give them some advice on how to solve their problems. Do not ask for anything, but help as much as you can. This will pay immediate dividends through a sense of doing good, and will pay huge dividends in the long run when you are known as a generous person.

Go out of your way sometime this week to help someone that is facing a challenge. Dedicate some of your time and knowledge to someone else’s problem. This generosity is important for your development as a leader, and you are doing some good for your peers as well.

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