Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

 To truly understand a process or a problem, you need to get down to the root cause. This is an important concept from Six Sigma and Business Process Improvement. Ask why at least five times to try and understand something to its deepest level. This method can lead to some interesting findings and some easily… Continue reading Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Unlock Their Potential

We all have the potential to be better. Unlocking this potential requires a combination of motivation and tools. If someone wants to unlock their potential, they already have the motivation, and they just need the tools to get there. As a leader, it is your job to ensure your team has those tools. I want… Continue reading Unlock Their Potential

Know Your Toolbox

From your experience and practice, you have a variety of tools that you use every day. For some of you, it is your financial acumen, for others, it is strategic thinking, and for others, it is skill with a physical tool i.e., extreme precision with a circular saw. These are just a few examples of… Continue reading Know Your Toolbox

The big return

How many of you are back in the office? I am and I am happy to be back in a space designed for work and I am happy to be back to my semi normal duties. I say semi normal because although my goals and value at work are still the same, the way of… Continue reading The big return

The Why of Change

We are old dogs learning new tricks. We are in a constantly changing environment and we all need to adapt. If you have a desire to improve, change can be easy, but how do we manage those that are stuck in their ways? Our team needs to believe in the change. Look at the area… Continue reading The Why of Change


                The word influencer has changed in recent years, and when the word influencer is thrown around, there is often a social media connotation. This blog is not about those people. Right now, I do not care about how many followers you have or how many likes your last tweet got. I care about how… Continue reading Influencers

Sharing Your Strategy

                Can you see your team’s future? Can they see their future? You must have a vision of your team, and they must know what that vision is. Elevating them to their current best is not enough for a great leader. Where do you want your team to be in a week, month, quarter, year,… Continue reading Sharing Your Strategy


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