The Why of Change

We are old dogs learning new tricks. We are in a constantly changing environment and we all need to adapt. If you have a desire to improve, change can be easy, but how do we manage those that are stuck in their ways? Our team needs to believe in the change.

Look at the area that needs to be changed and ask your team how they would improve the area. Your team already has buy in for their areas and they want their areas to run smoother. Be flexible in the change you want to implement.In these discussions with your team, they may think of something even better than what you came up with.

It is not enough for them to know what they need to change, everyone needs to understand the why. Be transparent about the goals and the need for the change. If they know the why, they can help you come up with a how and a what. If your team is involved with creating the plan, you will immediately have buy in and managing this change will be easy from there.

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