Moving in the same direction

I have seen projects start where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. It is your duty to make sure everyone involved in a project is moving in the same direction. When embarking on a new project, it Is crucial to ensure everyone can see your end goal. If team members do not share your vision, you will never hit your target.

To start, make sure each team member knows the goals. You already know your destination, does everyone else? If the new goals are not aligned with the goals they already have, this can be difficult. To be successful, do not sugar coat anything they do not want to hear, but at the same time, make sure you show plenty of empathy.

Once the destination has been shared, it is time to show the roadmap. The most important part of the roadmap is the piece that your team member needs to work on. This can be shared via a simple gantt chart or spreadsheet but it is important for your team to have this at hand so they can reference if needed. Remember, for your team member, the most important part of the roadmap is the part they are responsible for.

Once the destination and goals are known by all relevant parties, make sure you have regular checkpoints. These checkpoints are designed to see where your team is facing roadblocks, and it is your duty to remove them. If there is a bottleneck, change the process or reallocate resources.

When have you been on a project where it seems like everyone is moving in a different direction?

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